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  • We are the Venture Builder
    from Healthware Group

We firmly believe the Healthcare Innovation is an Evergreen Process

Early-stage Investing

We give companies immediate access to our extensive innovation network.

Venture Building

We act as a co-founder of new business initiatives


We invest exclusively in digital health start-ups, with a particular focus on digital therapeutics, digital medicine and telehealth


Our strategy is to invest as early as possible and to continue to support the start-up through follow-on investments


We have standard investment tickets. Higher investments can be made if a large part of the investment is in work-for-equity.

Early-stage Investing

We invest in startups with cash and in-kind agency services to accelerate their growth. Services include GTM strategy, UX execution, branding and design, marketing campaigns or software builds.

With us, founders receive immediate access to our extensive innovation network, as well as visibility and exposure to our venture fund partners and roster of pharma and health insurance clients.

Venture Building

We sprout new health startups from the ground up by providing them with mentoring and guidance built on 25+ years digital health innovation experience.

With our help, individuals, teams, or large enterprises can identify opportunities, quantify their potential and create a roadmap to transform their vision into a reality with clear business objectives.

By matching existing assets (e.g. software platforms) or internal expertise with external competences and leveraging Healthware’s ecosystem, we aim at creating self-sustaining entities.


If you are a startup, and would like to take the level of marketing, communications, or product design of your company up a notch (of even several notches!), just connect with us!